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For medication refills, simply contact your pharmacy directly and they will make the request for you. Refill requests must come from a pharmacy.

Refill requests may take up to 72 hours for approval. Please monitor your pill bottles and contact the pharmacy at least 5 days prior to running out of your medication. Please note that prescription refill authorizations are dependent upon you maintaining the recommended follow-up appointments with your provider.

For all Class II Controlled Substances, an approved prescription form is required by the Texas State Law. All refills on these medications will be handled directly through the physician.

For Class II Controlled Substances, please notify our offices 5 working days prior to the pharmacy needing to refill the prescription, as your physician may not be in the office. These prescriptions will not be filled again under a 30-day time period. Prescriptions that are misplaced, stolen or lost will not be replaced.