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What to do if you have been diagnosed with COVID 19.

Stay home and away from other people. Treat your symptoms with over the counter medications as instructed on the product.

If you become short of breath or have difficulty breathing, mask and go to your nearest emergency department. Call 911 if you need assistance.

Contact you primary care prover to see if you qualify for Monoclonal Antibody treatments. There is a shortage right now in many places.

Monoclonal Antibody infusions:

NTIDC does not have or administer monoclonal antibody infusions or injections.

We are unable to bring COVID positive patients into our office to protect our staff and other patients. There are locations that have been set up around the state and metroplex that are at no cost to the patient if you meet guidelines.

Please see the link below for one that is in Fort Worth. You will need to contact your primary care provider to refer you to one of these centers.

COVID-19 Regional Infusion Center now open in Fort Worth – Welcome to the City of Fort Worth (

Study Related Booster Information:

We have no trials for COVID vaccine boosters that are enrolling at this time.

If you are currently enrolled in one of our vaccine trials, please check your email often about being scheduled for your any boosters within that study. Our office will reach out to you when you have been selected for a booster.

State Provided Vaccine Booster Information:

NTIDC does NOT currently have any COVID vaccine. It is easily obtained at any retail pharmacy and other locations throughout the state.

Recommendations for boosters are on the CDC website. Please check there for the most up to date information. Immunocompromised patients have booster recommendations at this time. If you fall within their recommendations, please visit your local pharmacy for a booster.

You can use to locate available vaccine.