Accessibility Tools
  • To have access to services regardless of race, country of origin, religion, sex, handicap or source of payment.
  • To know about your role in treatments and to be an active part of your healthcare treatment.
  • To be told how the medicine you have been prescribed is effective.
  • To be told about risks and benefits of your treatments.
  • On-site placement of intravenous lines for infusion of prescribed medications.
  • To be told about your therapy in a way you can understand.
  • To expect quality care and treatment.
  • To receive appropriate pain assessment and pain management and to know that all reports of pain will be taken seriously and responded to by our healthcare professionals in a quick and caring manner.
  • To be given proper information about pain and pain relief measures.
  • To stop treatments (with or without your doctor’s approval) and to be told what can happen if you do refuse treatment.
  • To have your property treated with respect and to have your privacy and security maintained.
  • To be assured of confidentiality of clinical records and to allow or not allow the release of medical information within required regulations.
  • To be told the costs related to your medical care.
  • To be given a detailed bill that describes charges for professional fees, products and equipment used during your therapy.
  • To receive advice about financial assistance or payment plans.
  • To be told the names of the people involved in your care, the responsibilities of those people, and the right of choice in the care provided.
  • To receive answers to your questions, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • To file a complaint or to recommend changes in policies or services to the company without fear of coercion, discrimination, reprisal or service interruption.

Please contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns, call the Downtown Dallas Office at: or the NorthPark Office at: .