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Privacy Policy

North Texas Infectious Diseases Consultants (NTIDC) takes great care to ensure your personal information is kept safe. This Privacy Statement illustrates our commitment to your privacy and explains our privacy practices to help you understand how we protect and use your information.

We may change our privacy practices at any time as permitted by law, and if we do so, we will provide you with notice as required.

How NTIDC Handles Information We Collect

Because some of the information we gather is not publicly available, we take great care to ensure that this information is kept safe from unauthorized access, and we will not share the information in violation of any regulation or law. NTIDC diligently maintains physical, electronic and procedural safeguards that comply with applicable laws to guard your private personal information and to assist us in preventing unauthorized disclosure or access to that information.

How NTIDC Protects Your Privacy Online

To help us learn which products, services and sections of our websites interest you, and to improve your experience, we use “cookies.” Cookies are small files that our web server places on your hard drive to track activity on the website during a browsing session, and across multiple sessions. We also use cookies to “remember” which online service you last logged into, so that we can pre-select that service on your next visit. The cookies we set contain no personal information. Cookies can only track activity on our website, and cannot be read by any non-NTIDC websites.

How NTIDC Shares Information

We understand that security is a prime concern for our customers, and our website strives to offer a high level of security:

  • All Internet access must be completed using a browser that supports SSL encryption. All communications between you and our website are encrypted by a 128 bit secure link to protect the confidentiality of your data. State of the art monitoring systems and firewalls are used to prevent unauthorized access to our systems.

We diligently maintain security measures that comply with applicable federal standards.

Schedule An Appointment

To schedule an appointment, call our main telephone number at 214-823-2533. If a scheduled appointment needs to be canceled, please provide us with a 24-hour notice. This will allow us to accommodate another patient at that time. Thank you!