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Infectious diseases are the third leading cause of death in the United States, causing over 170,000 deaths annually, a figure that has nearly doubled since the early 1980’s. Globally, infectious diseases rank as the second leading cause of death, over half of which are under the age of 5. These existing, as well as new and emerging diseases, present a continuous threat to society.

Infectious Diseases specialists have eradicated smallpox worldwide, led efforts to eliminate polio, and developed vaccines that have enabled dramatic reductions in diseases such as hepatitis B and varicella. Infectious Diseases specialists are on the leading edge of some of the hottest topics in medicine today-from treatment for HIV/AIDS patients, to the growing threat posed by antibiotic resistance, to concerns about the appropriate evaluation and response to threats of bioterrorism. They are also leading efforts to strengthen and improve U.S. and global preparedness against pandemic influenza.

Infectious Diseases physicians are highly trained specialists, having spent 4 years completing medical school training, 3 years completing an Internal Medicine Residency Training Program and a minimum of 2 years of sub-specialty fellowship training in Infectious Diseases Medicine.

North Texas Infectious Diseases Consultants (NTIDC) Physicians are all of the above as well as being experts in developing and employing strategies to prevent and treat infectious diseases in our patients. Prevention is accomplished through environmental approaches, prophylactic antibiotics, and most importantly, vaccines. Treatment involves the use of antimicrobial medications, medicine capable of destroying or slowing the growth of disease-causing organisms.

If you or your physician feels that you need to be evaluated and/or treated by an infectious diseases specialist, North Texas Infectious Diseases Consultants (NTIDC) physicians are ready and willing to help. Call us today.