HIV Research In Dallas

NTIDC Is One Of The Most Highly Respected Clinical Trial Sites For HIV/Aids Patients In The United States.

HIV Research in Dallas

NTIDC’s Research Department has participated in multiple trials for Antiretroviral drugs including the following:

  • Protease Inhibitors
  • NNRTI’s
  • NRTtI’s
  • NRTI’s
  • Integrase Inhibitors
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • Entry Inhibitors
  • Maturation Inhibitors
  • Capsid Inhibitors
  • Therapeutic Vaccine for HIV

NTIDC research department was developed in 2001 by Dr. Louis Sloan and Bryan King to provide access to latest cutting-edge treatments in HIV for our patients. We have conducted 100’s of clinical trials that helped bring the latest Antiretroviral treatments to market.

Our research team provides patients with a full spectrum of care including social work referrals, pharmacy support, standard of care and protocol required procedures.


Current Infectious Disease Clinical Trials

We are currently participating in Phases I, II, III and IV clinical trials for the study and treatment of HIV-infected individuals and are proud to offer our patients the latest experimental treatment options available.

Please contact Bryan King at for information on our current studies.

STI/STD Treatment and Research in Dallas

NTIDC has established a reputation as one of the leading facilities for STI/STD treatment in Dallas, and our research department is one of the premier centers for the study and treatment of sexually transmitted infections in the United States.

NTIDC’s Research Department has participated in multiple trials for prevention and treatment of STI’s including the following:

  • PreP or Pre-exposure prophylaxis
  • HIV vaccine study for the prevention of HIV
  • Shingles Vaccine for HIV infected subjects

On-Site Pharmacy

Our on-site pharmacy provides our patients with convenient and confidential access to retail and specialty pharmaceuticals and clinical services. We also provide reimbursement services designed to assist our patients with insurance issues. We also offer overnight delivery in the Dallas metroplex as well as most cities in Texas and Oklahoma.

We Care About You

Embrace your Health

We daily strive for a stronger doctor-patient relationship which allows us to deliver outstanding care in a professional and compassionate manner that encompasses the total needs of our patients.

Insurance and Patient Fees

If you have any additional questions regarding fees or are in need of making special payment arrangements, please speak with one of our Patient Account Managers. As a courtesy to you, our office will file insurance claims. However, patients assume ultimate financial responsibility for payment.

Request for medication refills

Refill requests require at least 72 hours for approval. Please monitor your pill bottles and contact the pharmacy at least 5 days prior to running out of your medication. Please note that prescription refill authorizations are dependent upon you maintaining the recommended follow-up appointments with your provider.

Research Patients

To be considered for the Research Department, please download and complete the following form and email it to

North Texas Infectious Diseases